電話 (denwa)
+61 3 5348 1218

住所 (jūsho)
1 Camp Street
Daylesford VIC
Australia 3460

E メ ー ル (E mēru)

+61 3 5348 1218
1 Camp Street,
Daylesford VIC Australia 3460

About Sakana

さかなについて (sakana ni tsuite)

A Japanese term referring to food eaten as an accompaniment to alcohol, originating from the word ‘saka’ (sake) and ‘na,’ meaning food.

At Sakana, chef Kazuki Tsuya (formerly Kazuki’s Daylesford and Kazuki’s Carlton) brings a modern pan-Asian twist to Japanese flavours and the finest local produce, serving shareable plates in a casual space, to old friends and new guests.

Reflecting the Japanese philosophy of ‘sakana,’ the dishes on our menu are even better when paired with something to sip, and best enjoyed over lively, happy tables. Welcome, and itadakimasu, or, ‘let’s eat!’


フードメニュー (fūdo menyū)

DINE-IN & TAKEAWAY – On Friday June 5 we will reopen our dining room to welcome our guests. Our takeaway service will continue until further notice.

From fond childhood memories of ripe, juicy tomatoes picked and eaten directly from the garden, to the perfect sweetness of honeydew melons cultivated by his Grandfather, and the Akita Komachi rice grown in his hometown of Akita, the influence of early food experiences can be felt throughout Chef Kazuki’s new menu. He hopes it incites joy and surprise, and creates new memories of your own.

“Our menu is a cultural mix, combining speciality Japanese ingredients and techniques with beautiful Australian produce – as local as we can find.”
– Chef Kazuki Tsuya

Drinks List

ドリンクリスト (dorinku risuto)

We’ve created our drinks list with the best type of eating in mind. The eating accompanied by drinking.

For Japanese people it is customary to say “KAMPAI” at the start of meals with drinks. This is often voiced with enthusiasm as glasses are raised, kanpai translates to “dry-cup” — the Western equivalent would be “cheers” or “bottoms up”.


予約 (yoyaku)

Updates from the team – Sunday August 2

Once the Stage 3 restrictions commence in our region we will be offering take-away meals only. If you have a dine-in reservation with us during the lockdown period, unfortunately we have to cancel your reservation. If you wish to reschedule for a later date, please email us here.

Dine-in & Takeaway

We are open for dine-in & takeaway as usual until Monday August 3.

Due to the reintroduction of lockdown in some areas in Victoria to stop the spread of coronavirus we are able to welcome you to our venue if you are coming from the outside of lockdown areas.


Trading Hours

Friday to Monday from 5:30 pm


Booking Terms & Conditions

– The FIRST NAME, CONTACT PHONE NUMBER and POSTCODE of all guests dining with us are required. Please make a note of these details in a comment section within the online booking form. If you are from one of the current lockdown areas, unfortunately we are not able to serve you until the restrictions are lifted.

– Credit card details are required to secure your reservation. No payment is required on booking, however, change of date, reductions in the number of guests and cancellations must provide at least 24 hours notice to avoid a cancellation fee of $50 pp. If you would like to cancel your reservation citing the potential or positive contraction of COVID19 we may request evidence of your subsequent COVID test before waiving a cancellation fee of $50 pp.


To make a booking please fill out the online booking form below.

The following surcharges may be applicable:
— We will use a merchant facility that identifies each card type and charges the equal % to what Kazuki’s will be charged by the merchant facility provider.
— 10% Public Holiday surcharge to all bookings on a public holiday.

Gift Vouchers

ギフト券 (gifuto-ken)

Sakana gift vouchers are valid for 36 months from the date of purchase and can be made for any value.

We add the equal % and amount of surcharge to each transaction which is 1.6% + 30 cents.


ロケーション (rokēshon)

Sakana is located in the town of Daylesford, 1.5 hours drive from the Melbourne CBD.
Our restaurant is open for dinner on the following days and times.

Friday to Monday from 5.30 pm

If you would like directions use the link below.

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